Edition risoprint certificate

Chris Evans

Untitled (Job Interviews IV), 2017
Riso Print
Edition of 30
29.7 x 42 cm
HK$ 1,000 (unframed)
HK$ 2,800 (framed)

Courtesy of the artist


Chris Evans (b. 1967, Eastrington) created this special edition based on a new work for his solo exhibition at Para Site, 2017. The riso print edition departs from an airbrush painting and an image illustrating a newly released anthology edited and conceived by Evans with texts by 10 authors exploring the ritual of the job interview – its protocols and social conventions, often akin to a courtship. The image shows a mug of spilt milk sprawled across the desk in a banal office setting, a humours yet disturbing disruption of the well-regulated spaces and conventions of our contemporary lives. 

Chris Evans’ work often evolves through conversation with people from diverse walks of life, selected in relation to their public life or symbolic role. Sculptures, letters, drawings, film scripts and unwieldy social situations created as a result of this, are indexes of a larger structure through which Evans deliberately confuses the roles of artist and patron, author and muse. Since 2005, and on numerous occasions worldwide, Evans has invited representatives from national police forces to give recruitment presentations at art academies, including, in 2008, Pratt Institute, New York and, in 2015 Academy of Fine Arts, Nürnberg.  

In 2005 Chris Evans participated in the 6th British Art Show and the following year in Eastinternational. Since then he has exhibited in several international art Biennials: Athens Biennial in 2007, Taipei Biennial in 2010 and Liverpool Biennial in 2014. He has had numerous solo exhibitions, including: Praxes Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2015); Markus Lüttgen, Cologne (2015); Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland (2014); The Gardens, Vilnius (2014); Piper Keys, London (2014); Juliette Jongma (2012); Lüttgenmeijer, Berlin (2011); Marres, Maastricht (2010); British School in Rome (2008); Artpace, San Antonio (2007); STORE, London (2007); Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (2006); and Studio Voltaire, London, (2006).


If you are interested in purchasing this Limited Edition, please contact Apoorva Rajagopal at apoorva@para-site.art