What is this yellow thing - New works presented by ELE+EBE

Daniele Manoli, Phoebe Tong

Mar 30 – Apr 16, 2005

A new art group, ELE+EBE, is going to present its recent installation work which questions audience the borderline between art and design. In 2003, Swedish multimedia artists Daniele Manoli and Hong Kong designer Phoebe Tong established ELE+EBE in London and which aims to examine the borders between Art and Advertising. They usually adopt various references from both fine art and pop art in their creation hence considered to blur the boundaries among Art and relative scopes, like animation, design, and fashion. ELE+EBE is maybe fresh but an already remarkable group who have been invited to participate in the internationally touring show ‘Useagain Exhibition’ (www.useagain-asia.org), and touring around different places in Asia, Australia and the Royal Museum of Fine Art in Belgium (final stop)