Typhoon Experiences 1997

Chan Ho-fung, Cheung Tsui-hung, Fan Yuk-ki, Kong Tak-chun, Hui Yan-yan, Ng Tze-yan, Ng Chit-hang, Ng Hoi-chi, Tong Man-yee, Wong Chin-pang, Yim Ka-mei, Yim Pui-kwan

Oct 01 – Oct 19, 1997

A project of publication, performance and exhibition on local life experience

Hong Kong people must be experienced of having typhoons: the "latest weather report" on TV or radio every ten minutes, spectating the great waves at the waterfront, frustrating with the postponement of a public exam for the hoist of the typhoon signal no. 8, rushing to the supermarket for the last can of food, playing mahjong all the day*.

Inspired from such down on earth typhoon experiences, last year in the Hong Kong Fringe Club, a group of Design students from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University staged an installation art exhibition searching for the personal/collective memory and identity. Now they are making a return, but this year in the Para Site Art Space.

The project is divided into three parts: publication, performance and exhibition. For the publication, essays about local life experiences from some students will be compiled into a booklet. The exhibition is made by three groups of students. One group takes the theme of the daily consumer activities in our plazas. The second group talks about the restriction and limited choices offered in the local family. The last group addresses the different choices and types of freedom in this society by reconstructing the local TV game show in the form of installation art. Finally, there will be also a live music performance in the exhibition opening.

Tsang Tak Ping, Assistant Professor of the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and also the project curator hopes that all the participating students can take this opportunity to be away from the academic environment and release themselves. Freeing their memory and their self-consciousness, the students are expected to express their own experience and points of view that are the reflections of our times.

Live Band performance starts at 7pm on September 30. Performance by Chan Ho-fung, Fan Yuk-ki, Ma Lap-yin, Tsang Tak-ping, Wong Hang-fei, Lo On-yee.

A continuation of a first collaboration effort at the Fringe Club in 1996. Typhoon Experience reconstructed a shared typhoon experience in Hong Kong by the participants, and at the same time commented on consumerism and the influences of popular culture common to their upbringing.


This project is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.