Pheobe Man, Sara Wong

Apr 10 – Apr 28, 1996

Questioning the boundaries of space and memory of the old district, "Site-seeing" presents two installation pieces by Phoebe Man Ching-ying and Sara Wong Chi-hang.

I am always afraid that I will lose my capability to love and hate. Therefore I make art to feel my existence. With the time to explore the exhibition space and its neighbouring Kennedy Town, I tried to grasp the sense of "space". May be this will answer the question of where I am.
Pheobe Man

All started with wonders about the sense and personal feelings of the space being in the old districts....
After all, the impression of the living room-like-store at the next door stays always on my mind....
Sara Wong

13 and 27 April 1996 Hot Pot / Hot Talk (Meet the artist at the dining table)