Relic / Image

Patrick Lee, Leung Chi Wo, Kith Tsang

Jan 05 – Jan 31, 1996

Recent works of photographs and installations by Patrick Lee, Leung Chi Wo and Kith Tsang

Hello! Hong Kong - Part 3
This is the part III of the series "Hello! Hong Kong". It is also the third piece of work with the same title. The aim is to provide a way of reading local history. The reference of the piece comes from my study of Chinese festivals in Hong Kong early last year. The inspiration is my recent thought on the port, the origin of Hong Kong. (Kith Tsang)

Walk On
Perfect action is action not carried out independently of Heaven and earth and in conflict with the dynamism of the whole, but in perfect harmony with the whole. It is not mere passivity, but it is action that seems both effortless and spontaneous because performed rightly, in perfect accordance with our nature and with our place in the scheme of things. It is free because there is in it no force and no violence. It is not conditioned or limited to our own individual needs and desires, or even by our own theories and ideas. (Patrick Lee)

Dream of a Path
If light is not for seeing , sound not for hearing, places not for being in.... I can see in the darkness. I can hear in the silence. I can exist in the void. The world of images not only in our eyes, but in our mind. (Leung Chi Wo)