Para Site Dual Solo 2005: Phoebe's Vaudevillian Park and Florian's "Op-scape"

Phoebe Hui

Jan 15 – Feb 19, 2005

Comic and photography are by no means have become a usual and popular culture, especially among youth. Two emerging artists Phoebe and Florian both work on different artistic forms, however, both engage in the re-interpretation of the plain/2D media via the access of new media or technology. Para Site has the pleasure to present their solo projects at our new premises. They both explore ways of re/viewing images and questions the notions of creation, illusion and revelations. We are inviting the viewer to heighten their imagination and explore the many possibilities of art itself.

Hui’s ambition is to challenge the 2 dimensional boundaries of comics, in order to examine the narrative order and the interrelation among texts and images.

A 2-dimensional comic sphere will be re-presented into the 3-dimensional gallery space through the compound of spatial reality and comic’s ‘reality”. Beyond the horizon of the imagination, audiences will not only read or experience the comics, instead, they will be invited to re/view and contemplate the meaning of comics. Facilitated by the interaction between piece and audience interpretation.

Instead of photo and video taking, Florian MA will re-create (fabricate) new optical images by various mechanism of images duplication. He is excited to capture the eternal moment from images and motion, to freeze and visualize such time movement. Works that will be exhibited are the Op Art – like images of colour strip manipulation based on the scanning mechanism of a domestic scanner. 

Due to the various mechanism of other media, new images are hence manipulated and Re-presented under a new order. It inevitably becomes the metaphor to the precedent and which provides a possible new interpretation on the former.

Phoebe HUI Fong-wah, graduated from School of Creative Media, the City University of Hong Kong, has participated in many group shows and events including Third Text: Image + Media International Experimental Art Festival and Someone’s done it before. Her various creations have involved art direction, illustration and film editing, etc.

Florian MA is an emerging artist and young designer who is now studying Fine Arts at The Art School, The Hong Kong Arts Centre. Out of interest in the semiotic approach on manipulation of images, Ma engages with various mechanisms of image building, in order to examine different possible interpretative metaphor among the methods.