P-read: Jam Version

Anthony Leung, Phoebe Man

Nov 19 – Dec 14, 1997

Menstruation is always the taboo in our culture. It is almost a synonym to "little dirty thing" in Cantonese colloquials and is untalkable in public, especially where find men and children. No matter how often the TV commercial provides the "clean" image of the napkins, they are always dirty in many people's minds. (In fact, some of them even bear no name of the product on their package.) So, why this taboo.

In the coming November and December, Phoebe Man tries to negotiate this taboo with her latest exhibition "P-read" in Para Site that hopefully initiates critiques on our old stereotype of gender. To further the discussion, she also invites another artist Anthony Leung to create a visual dialogue with her, making another exhibition "P-read: Jam Version" during the same period in the same gallery.

Man and Leung, both graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, are among few local visual artists concerned with woman and gender issues. They have used "feminine" objects such as hygienic napkins and traditional embroidery shoes in their mixed media works to address the stereotypes on woman.

This project is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

 Exploring the taboo topic of menstruation, the artist attempted to negotiate the boundaries of the taboo through a visual dialogue critiquing gender stereotypes as represented in "feminine" objects such as napkins and embroidered shoes.