I have a Beautiful World Because I Love You - works by Tse Yim On

Tse Yim On

Mar 21 – May 26, 2003

Tse Yim On was born in Hong Kong, where he continues to live and work. Between 1998 and 2001 he received a BFA and a MFA, respectively, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 1998, he earned the Urban Council award from the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and in 2002 was invited by the Hong Kong Art Development Council to be their Art Adviser. His works has been collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art and by private collections.

For the past five years, Tse has been creating “artist books”, and more recently has been focusing on “series paintings”. His acrylic paintings and photo transfers take inspiration from contemporary popular culture and reflects underground aesthetics such as the red light district, Japanese bootleg AV, category-four VCDs, alternative comics, etc. The 2-D works, always presented in a 4-D (3-D plus time) format, is an investigation of the role and significance of the ancient medium - painting - in this contemporary age of multimedia.

This Exhibition will be shown in two parts over the course of two months, beginning with “I Love You, Two” in April, and finishing with “I Love You” in May. Both are described by the artist as “hidden-4thDimension artist books”, and while the former documents the ‘traces’ left by love, the second part heralds a ‘beautiful new world’.