City Space [Mysterious Art Installation inside the City]

Catherine Chan, 陳嘉欣 陳順築、鐘蕾琳、張穎晶、鄭忠豪、張宇亮、, Chen Shun Chum, 陳嘉欣、陳順築、鐘蕾琳、張穎晶、鄭忠豪、張宇亮、, Larine Chung, 張兆嫻、徐卓華、FUNG KIT MAN、洪靄琪、甘志幞、柯華菁、林鳳權、, Ada Cheung, 源學良、梁允怡、廖南麗、李詔文、盧仲明、談浩然、(徐國堅、Stockton GHU、ECHO TSANG、Nicola CHOI)、, Charles Cheng, 董佩茵、尹康而、黃皓輝、黃家銓、王姿慧、, Calvin Cheung, 六成人事(Raymond CHEUNG、Howard CHANG、Lucia CHEUNG、Thyne KWONG、GARY YEUNG)、, Suanne Cheung, 尹康而和一班不願透露名字的藝術家。, Erica Chui, Fung Kit Man, Agnes Hugn, Kimg Chi Keung, Willie Kua, Arthur Lam, Yuen Hok Leung, Max, Janice Leung, Joanna Liu, Felix Li, Lucas Lo, Timothy Tsui, Stockton Chu, Echo Tsang, Nicola Choi, Stella Tung, Connie Wan, Andy Wong, Wong Ka Chuen, Gigi Wong, Sixhibition

Apr 27 – May 20, 2001

The space of the city is the context for our everyday living experience, it is a mysterious world but full of potential. When art and space merged together to become installation art, art activity would no longer be confined to the physical boundary of the gallery, it would expand into the space outside and the city would become a laboratory of art.

A large group of installation artists formed by close to 40 art students from the University of Hong Kong, Chinese University, Polytechnic University, City University, and the Art School (RMIT programme of the Hong Kong Arts Centre) will be involved in this very special project. Students work together with professional artists to make secret installations in the neighbourhood of Para Site Art Space in Sheung Wan, transforming the hidden corner of our city into the stage for art. Their installation activities and process will be documented in photographs, video, and text and will be displayed in the gallery of Para Site, investigating the concept of public art, gallery, time, and the potential space of our city.

Photos courtesy of Kacey Wong.


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