CHiE! – Culture sieges Politics

Mar 15 – Apr 27, 2008

CHiE! presents a network of individuals like Tse Yim On, Siu Hak, Kongkee, self-initiated groups like in-media, Community Museum Project and activist organizations like autonomous 8/F that form a variety of viable models of critical cultural engagement across different disciplines.

As the first exhibition of the Para Site Art Space – Hong Kong Jockey Club Curatorial Training Programme , principal coordinators Jessie Chang and Jaspar Lau explore with CHiE! the curatorial praxis that puts a strong emphasis on research and its relevance for the development of the Hong Kong art scene.

For years, Hong Kong have been preoccupied by confrontational politics, which however many of these tactics hit a brick wall of disinterest from respective authorities. It is clear that we have to rethink other creative alternatives when it comes to dealing with cultural politics. As the common saying in China goes, ‘Government has its policies and we have our counter strategies', now that Hong Kong has been under Chinese rule for ten years, it seems that we rely ever more so on these words of wisdom to face our daily challenges.

In order to attain this overview, a number of experts from the diverse fields, such as activism, comics, film, literature, music, visual culture and web Culture, are invited to work closely with the principal coordinators. The exhibition will be structured as an umbrella to accommodate all these different creative energies in which these individuals and organisations are free to choose their degree of engagement with the show.

Para Site Art Space – Hong Kong Jockey Club Curatorial Training Programme is a seven-month course, which introduces the participants to the state of today's international contemporary art, enabling them to navigate the art world confidently and realize exciting and high quality exhibitions in the future.