3/4 suggestions for a better living – Lee Kit Solo Exhibition

Lee Kit

May 04 – Jun 10, 2007

Para Site Art Space is proud to present the solo-exhibition by Hong Kong artist Lee Kit.

Is Abstract Painting useful? Lee Kit's works obliquely addresses this question on very different levels. His hand-painted fabric with minimalistic patterns are utilized as everyday material such as curtains, tablecloth s or picnic blanket s to be then displayed along with the photographic evidence of its performative part in daily life. In the gallery space they instantaneously transform into minimalist paintings, handcrafted objects and memorabilia from these mundane occasions . With this dualism between artwork on the one side and everyday object on the other, Lee challenges the different genres and -isms of art as well as the common idea that art can/- not be useful. But in today's contemporary practice , everyday life often challenges pure art; he turns around and plays with the idea that art can be something more then just useful. With all these issues open to debate, communication becomes part of the process. The picnic in the grass, the meal with friends or a common bar: the communicative part of the works is as important as the actual object itself. For the exhibition at Para Site Art Space , the artist will therefore not only exhibit his works but also install a communal area: a full bar/cafe for his friends and visitors to enjoy accompanied by a series of events and talks.

TABLE TALKS with Lee Kit at Para Site Art Space:

5 May 5pm: Leung Chi Wo and Lukas Tam

12 May 5pm: Christopher Ku

MUSICAL DEBUT at Para Site Art Space:

19 May 7:30pm: The Offset: Spectacles

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